Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Volunteers have Voices Online

YouTube this, twitter that, and what is a Face Book? Several American Heart Association Volunteers have found their space online through South Central Affiliate blogs. From helping get the word out about the SCA You’re the Cure blog to manning some of the technical aspects of the blogs, a number of volunteers, including Mrs. International Laine Berry have been instrumental with the SCA Advocacy online efforts.

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In February, the SCA launched Red About You, a blog that focuses on the Go Red For Women campaign by following five volunteers in their lives after heart disease or stroke. These women post stories that range from the “day-to-day” aspects of their lives to the tough issues that come with heart disease and stroke including tackling weight loss, depression, and alcoholism.

The blog is also a great source to find upcoming events around the affiliate, photos from past events, and links to online videos and SCA twitter accounts. We’re on the lookout for additional blog writers, so if you’re interested in sharing your story online, contact Whitney Presley.

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