Friday, November 27, 2009

8th Graders Revive a Guinness World Record

On November 17, the American Heart Association and the City of Arlington pulled the Guinness World Record for the largest CPR training session away from Oslo, Norway by training 4,626 Arlington area 8th graders in the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

Students were taught CPR via video on the JumboTron while using American Heart Association CPR Anytime kits to complete their training. The CPR Anytime kit is a self-directed, personal CPR kit that makes learning the core skills of CPR easy, convenient and affordable. It takes just 22 minutes to learn and can be done anywhere.

An official Guinness World Record adjudicator was on hand to witness the event and validate the achievement. Also on hand were Rowdy, the Dallas Cowboys Mascot; Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders; Mayor Robert Cluck; Fire Chief Robin Paulsgrove; AISD Superintendent Jerry McCullough; and Dallas Cowboys Defensive End Marcus Spears.

The mass training session was an initiative of the CPaRlington program. CPaRlington began in 2005 when Mayor Robert Cluck, a physician and Tarrant County American Heart Association Board Member, met with representatives of the AHA, Arlington Fire Department, and the UT-Arlington School of Nursing to discuss a project to improve cardiac arrest survival. Since the program began, approximately 25,140 Arlington residents have been trained.

For more information on CPR classes or CPR Anytime kits visit the AHA CPR Anytime Web site.

Hands Can Do Incredible Things Hands-Only CPR can help save someone's life. See our new multimedia Ad Council campaign (check out one of the videos below), create your own hand symphony and learn how to perform hands-only CPR at the new AHA Web site.

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