Monday, April 25, 2011

Texas Senate approves trans fat measure for schools

This week a Texas Senate committee approved, by a vote of 7-0, a measure to eliminate trans fats from school meals in the state.

AHA CEO Emeritus Cass Wheeler and Sutton Marvin, daughter of SouthWest Affiliate Senior Vice President for Health Strategies Tod Marvin, testified before the committee leading up to the vote. (To listen, go to the Texas Senate website and click on "April 19, 2011, Part 1." AHA testimony begins at 1:46.)

Previously, the Texas House Public Education Committee heard similar legislation (HB 3467) that would remove trans fats from all schools. A vote is expected this week. Youth advocate and heart survivor Amanda Salinas shared her story and testified about the need for healthier school lunch options. State Rep. Diane Patrick practiced testimony with Amanda three times before the committee hearing. Dr. Tom Tenner, an AHA volunteer and Texas CVD Council Chair, also testified in favor of the bill.

We will keep you up to date on this issue as it is considered by the full House and Senate.

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