Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hangover 2 Star Ken Jeong Wants You to Save a Life!

You have the power to save a life in your hands literally. And since 80% of victims of sudden cardiac arrest collapse at home the person you may save is most likely to be someone you love. The American Heart Association can help.

Check out the video below where Hangover 2 star Ken Jeong suits up to tell you how to save a life. Pass on the message, then sign up today to get trained in CPR and make a donation now so we can continue our lifesaving work. For the next few weeks, we're giving away all sorts of prizes to those who donate to our CPR campaign...and they're cool prizes, like an iPad 2, t-shirts signed by Ken Jeong, tickets to the Ellen Show, GLEE CDs signed by Chris Colfer and more!

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