Monday, May 10, 2010

Texas Lawmakers Trained in CPR

On Friday, May 7 the American Heart Association along with the Texas Society of Anesthesiologists and AT&T held a special CPR and AED training at the Texas Capitol open to all lawmakers and staff. Over 180 employees from 100 different offices attended one of the three training sessions held that day.

Following a near tragedy last year, training Capitol delegates and staff took on a new urgency. Last Spring State Representative Edmund Kuempel suffered a massive heart attack one evening. Minutes after he collapsed fellow State Rep. and physician John Zewas performed CPR and used an AED to shock Kuempel's heart back to a normal rhythm.

Despite the severity of the event and spending days in ICU afterwards Kuempel survived the heart attack and has fully recovered. Without the fast action of courageous bystanders and knowledge of CPR and AEDs, Representative Kuempel would like likely not be here today, nor would he have been able to attend the CPR training.

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