Sunday, April 25, 2010

America's Fattest Cities Announced

The rankings are in, and there's truth in the adage "everything's bigger in Texas". Men's Health has released its annual "America's Fattest Cities" rankings, and, while two cities in the South Central Affiliate made the top ten fittest cities, Austin in fourth place and Albuquerque in fifth, five Texas cities are listed among the top ten fattest cities. Corpus Christi is ranked at the number one position, with El Paso in third, Dallas in fourth, San Antonio in seventh and Houston in ninth place.

“While these types of lists are not necessarily based on hard science, they do speak generally about how relevant our mission is across the four states we serve. We’re definitely fighting heart disease and stroke from the front lines," said Tod Marvin, Senior Vice President of Health Strategies for the South Central Affiliate.

Take five minutes today to take the My Life Check to find out if you're at risk for heart disease and stroke. And if you live in one of the "fattest cities", get outside and exercise today.

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