Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Three Days Left Until National Wear Red Day!

Heart disease remains the #1 killer of women, both nationally and here in the SouthWest Affiliate. And while we have made great strides through the years, too many women die because they are unaware that heart disease is their top health threat. That’s why women across our community are making it their mission to fight heart disease, joining the American Heart Association to promote the Go Red For Women® campaign and National Wear Red Day (Friday, Feb. 4).

What can you do?

Make it a goal to add one Go Red For Women activity to your to-do list during Heart month. Take a look at the list of events to the right - find a luncheon in your area and plan to attend. Or visit your local Facebook page to find other events including press conferences, proclamations, car test drives and flash mobs (that's right Little Rock, we're planning a mob!).

Then take five minutes to complete one of these online activities to help us spread the message digitally:

  • Add a red dress to your Facebook or Twitter profile It takes about 5 minutes and is a great way to show your support of the Go Red For Women efforts. Visit http://twibbon.com/cause/Go-Red-For-Women-2/facebook and click “Show My Support Now” on either the Facebook or Twitter tab (or both). Make sure and click “Show as my Profile Picture” so it will appear on your Personal page. Then share the Twibbon with your friends!
  • Send a Go Red For Women Gift on Facebook We’ve added a Go Red For Women Gifting Tab to several of our city Facebook pages (Dallas, Tarrant County, Little Rock, Denver and Houston). Head on over to the following pages and send your friends (at least five!) a virtual bear, pin, sneakers or heart checkup.
  • Tell Us Why You Go Red This year we’re inviting you to share with your community why you go red. To participate, simple download a copy of the Why Do You Go Red sheet, write out your motivation, snap a picture of you with the sign and upload it to your city or region Facebook page, or the Flickr group.

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