Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Caruth Project - Saving Lives in Dallas

On Wed., March 28, Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas Hospital and Dallas Fire and Rescue were recognized as Outstanding System Performers for having the fastest total combined patient treatment time for data submitted to the AHA Dallas Caruth Initiative during 3rd Quarter, 2011.

On September 6th, 2011, 79-year-old Allena Callaway was working in her garage when she started to feel pressure in the middle of her chest. It reminded her of the heart attack she had 20 years ago. She went into her house to rest and hoped the chest pressure would go away, but it persisted and she called 911. Through a series of controlled coordination between the patient, the EMS and hospital staff, symptom onset through arterial reperfusion (SOAR) was reduced to 123 minutes.

There were approximately 50 people who attended the award ceremony at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas, including staff from the Caruth Foundation, the patient, the ED and cath lab staff who took care of the patient, and the EMS crew who responded. This is a true measure of success for the AHA Dallas Caruth Grant and the regional coordination shared between EMS and hospitals in Dallas County.

Thank you to all the volunteers who work on the Caruth project!

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