Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hike for Heart: Houston Nurse Educator Begins 2,663 Mile Journey on National Walking Day

In celebration of National Walking Day, one volunteer is taking it to the next level.

Mindy Dunham, a nurse educator for more than 40 years and resident of Houston, TX, is taking on the Pacific Crest Trails, or the PCT, which is a 2,663 mile journey from Mexico to Canada. She’s titled her walk, “Hike for Heart,” and from her blog you can read all about her journey, which officially begins this Wednesday.

She was initially inspired to start hiking by her company’s involvement with the American Heart Association’s National Walking Day, a few years back.

“The hardest step is the first one, but it’s never too late in life to get moving!” Mindy said recently when asked about her love of hiking.

Mindy began with day hikes near her home, but eventually worked her way up to the longest hike in Texas, the Lone Star Hiking Trail. Even though Texas is the biggest state in the lower 48, Mindy wanted to challenge herself even further and inspire others, so at the age of 58, Mindy is taking on the PCT, a three-month march through California, Oregon and Washington.

Hopeful to finish her trek by September, there will be many unforeseen adventures in the months to come. In addition to avoiding injury and making sure to not get lost, weather from the previous year will also be a factor. High winds in the Sierras in November 2011 led to many trees falling that could potentially set hikers off their paths by miles. Ever ready for the challenge, Mindy hopes to use her blog as a forum for inspiration during her hike. She is encouraging others to follow her story, walk in their own way and support her personal journey by donating to the AHA's Heart Walk.  

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  1. You are awesome. What an inspiration for all or us especially just to take a few more steps or miles each day. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.